Thursday, February 9, 2012

Going Green

I have a new obsession! Going Green...I LOVE Cloth Diapers! I was always iffy about trying them but now I'm SO glad I did! Then Once I started those I became addicted to things like ALL NATURAL Laundry Detergent, Cleaning Supplies, Organic shampoo and Conditioner, Face wash, nutrition shakes/Energy drinks ... and so on. I couldn't Go Green all the way, I just depend on things like my Toilet Paper a little too much haha, but somethings are much better "Green". The biggest reason I am for Going Green is my Children! I want them to grow up doing good for our World AND Themselves! In order for that to happen they need to begin learning it at home! I find it very important to set a Good Example!

Here are some of My Favorite Natural/Green Things:

~ Baking Soda- The best Deodorizer! I also use it in my diaper laundry pre-soak to help with the smell!
~ Corn Starch- Works GREAT on Bum Rashes! Why put chemicals on your baby when you don't need to!
~ Vinegar- One of my FAVORITE Cleaning supplies! (Just don't use on wood!)
~ Lemon- Put it on your wood furniture, it shines it right up!
~ Rockin' Green- Laundry Detergent! The best Natural Laundry Detergent I've found so Far!
~ Kawaii Baby Cloth Diapers- GREAT for my Heavy Wetter! Never have a leak!!!
~ Essential Oils- Can be used for so many things! Put in Homemade Baby wipes, Put in Vinegar cleaning solution for Smell, Boil some for natural air freshener...

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