Sunday, February 12, 2012

When Duty Calls

When Duty Calls... Something all military families go through, something we don't have a choice to say yes or no to. It's never an easy thing, never gets easier. The 3rd is just as hard as the 1st. Thankfully for me, I have my family here to help me and the kids. I couldn't imagine going through this without them. My mother is always a call away, well most of the time she's at my house just to hang out so I don't even have to lift a phone :) And my father is here for anything I ask. The in-laws are great too! Taking the kids when I need a break!
I'm sorry, but no civilian can actually know what we're going through. Nothing compares to what our lives bring. The fear we fight daily. Worrying about our loved ones, they're not just gone, they're at war. It's completely different, we don't just Miss them. "I know how you feel" is something no military wife wants to hear from a non-military person. Sorry, but it's the truth!
I think the hardest part of deployments is when there's Children involved. Nothing breaks my heart more then the "I miss daddy, can he come home to play".. Hearing your 4yr old tell you that someone said her daddy's dead that's why he's gone.. Or finding out your daughter is so sad because she thinks it's Her fault daddy's gone, because we brought him to the Airport. . .The constant, "will daddy be home tomorrow?.. No sweetie not tomorrow... Tomorrow after Tomorrow?" . . It's so hard trying to explain it to a little one.
Although The military has some positives-- Like all the amazing friends-- or I should say Family-- We've made, Traveling the world, experiencing amazing things... I can not wait for the end of it! As every month goes by, the excitement grows more and more. 2013 can not get here soon enough!!!
With all that being said, I will add, that I am so extremely proud of my Soldier and everything he does for our Country, The Kids, and I. I love this man with all of my heart!! He's my soldier and always will be! :)

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